Rebekah Helzel | Board of Trustees | Mt. Tam Community Land Trust, Marin County, California

Rebekah Helzel

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Rebekah has 20+ years’ experience in a range of Capital Markets as an investment professional. She is a CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst, and earned an MBA in Sustainable Business Management.

In 2005, Rebekah founded ARCH Community Housing Trust in Sun Valley, Idaho. Today, more than 180 ARCH homes in the County serve a diverse workforce. Like Marin, the Valley is challenged by environmental constraints and an ever-widening affordability gap with devastating effects on the community. Partnerships with the hospital, the school district, local businesses, and governments combine with the Land Trust model ensuring permanently affordable housing vital to the community.

Returning to Marin in 2019, Rebekah has focused on housing and racial inequity, serving on the leadership team of the Friends of Golden Gate Village in Marin City, as a SURJ organizer and Marin City ally.