Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Land Trust (CLT)?2024-02-27T21:04:55+00:00

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a nonprofit organization that acquires, holds, and stewards land and buildings for the long-term benefit of a community. CLTs typically offer affordable housing by selling or leasing homes while retaining ownership of the land, ensuring that the housing remains permanently affordable and accessible to low- and moderate-income community members.

Why a Community Land Trust is the answer?2024-02-27T21:04:52+00:00

Unlike many other affordable housing options, a CLT holds land and houses in perpetuity so the community will remain affordable in the long term.

Who needs housing?2024-02-27T21:04:47+00:00

Working individuals and families struggling to stay in their current residences due to skyrocketing prices. This encompasses a large number of people working within our community.

Does the CLT serve both renters and owners?2024-02-27T21:05:09+00:00

Yes. We will acquire land through donation and purchases, some pieces of land will have existing buildings that will lend themselves better to an affordable rental, and others toward ownership.

How is Mt Tam CLT Funded?2024-02-27T21:05:15+00:00

We are funded through grants, personal donations, and public funding.

How can I help Mt Tam CLT?2024-02-27T21:05:28+00:00

We are always looking for passionate volunteers from within the community. You can also help through donations to help fund projects.