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Who We Are

Mt. Tam Community Land Trust (CLT) is comprised of a dedicated board on a mission to ensure the communities that neighbor Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, CA are sustainable, racially equitable, and thriving communities for decades to come. Through government grants, public funding, and private donations we are securing housing options for lower and moderate-income families.

We acknowledge with respect that our community land trust operates on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok people in Marin County, California.

Our Mission

  • Mt. Tam CLT is dedicated to equitable and diverse communities through the development of permanently affordable housing for persons with low to moderate incomes.

Our Vision

  • To create an affordable, sustainable, racially-equitable, and thriving community in the areas neighboring Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, CA.

Our Values

  • Equity

  • Affordability

  • Community

  • Sustainability

Our Focus

  • Workforce Housing — tailored to meet the needs of moderate-income individuals or families, providing stable and affordable homeownership opportunities while maintaining community control and long-term affordability.

  • Senior Living — affordable and supportive housing options specifically designed to meet the unique needs of older adults, ensuring they can remain in their homes and communities as they age.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units — integrating secondary residential units into the land trust’s affordable housing strategy, facilitating increased housing density, multi-generational living arrangements, and additional income streams for homeowners, while upholding the principles of affordability, community stewardship, and equitable access to housing.

About Us

Our Why

As housing prices have increased in recent years, fewer local employees can afford to live in Marin County. We believe that the community benefits when people can live where they work. With the Mt. Tam CLT, we can provide equitable and affordable housing to our county’s lower and moderate-income workers so they can live within our community.

We are dedicated to the development and acquisition of permanently affordable housing for low and moderate-income individuals and families through the CLT. By keeping these individuals and families within the community we will ensure a vibrant and diverse community for the future.

Why a Community Land Trust?

of Marin’s school staff cannot afford to rent even a studio until 10 years into their teaching career. Retention and recruitment of educators who make our schools high-quality is difficult.
of seniors in Marin live below the poverty line and account for an increasing % of our homeless numbers. Many struggle to pay for utilities, maintenance and taxes and are forced to move out of their lifelong community.
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Marin County ranks amongst the top 3 counties in California with the widest gaps in economic and racial equity.
of Marin’s workforce lives outside the County. Long commutes contribute to traffic congestion and air pollution. Local businesses can’t recruit or retain needed staff.
is what renters in Marin County need to make an hour to afford an average monthly rent of $2806. That’s 3.5 times California’s minimum wage. A medical emergency or rent increase can push hard-working families into homelessness.

(Sources: Marin Promise Partnership, County of Marin, Marin Environmental Housing Coalition, California Housing Partnership, Racecounts.org)

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About Us

What is a CLT

A community land trust (CLT) is a nonprofit organization that works to acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community. The primary goal of a CLT is to provide affordable housing, though they may also support other community needs such as urban agriculture, commercial spaces, or conservation areas.

Here’s how it typically works:

Land Ownership: The CLT purchases land, often through donations, grants, or government funding.

Long-Term Stewardship: The CLT retains ownership of the land while leasing it out to individuals or organizations for a long period, typically 99 years.

Affordable Housing: On the leased land, individuals or families can build or own homes. The CLT ensures that these homes remain affordable by placing restrictions on resale prices or controlling rental rates.

Community Governance: CLTs are governed by a board of directors, which often includes community members, residents, and other stakeholders. This ensures that the organization remains accountable to the community it serves.

Stewardship and Support: CLTs often provide ongoing support to homeowners, including assistance with maintenance, financing, and community-building activities.

By separating land ownership from property ownership, CLTs can help combat issues like gentrification, displacement, and the unaffordability of housing. They provide a model for sustainable, community-driven development that prioritizes long-term affordability and community control.

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